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Father-and-son professional divers Mike and Warren Fletcher use their underwater expertise to unravel mysteries that lie beneath…


The series covers a wide range of stories involving war, hidden treasure, disaster, science, and archaeology. The Fletchers travel the world, from the murky depths of the Mekong River to the warm, clear seas of the Caribbean to the frigid waters of the Canadian Great Lakes, shaping a dramatic, action-packed narrative that features real people and real missions unfolding in gripping actuality.


Mike and Warren excel in their profession and are driven to help
others, often with high personal or professional stakes. Together they take viewers beneath the waves, exploring locations where few will ever venture. Each Fletcher brings a different sensibility to the puzzle at hand, and together they are a dynamic duo, finding and deciphering the most cryptic of clues.


Each hour is built around a genuine mystery, structured as an active, unfolding story. The stories selected for investigation each have a cast of characters that includes surviving witnesses, friends and loved ones, scientists, and historians, who interact with the Fletchers and offer assistance and clues to push the quest on.


It’s a present-tense series that moves beyond the waves, an underwater series in which much of the drama takes place above the waterline.




Beyond the water, we work with several Slovak websites to ensure fair gaming. One of those sites, Online Kasíno Slovensko, is known for being one of the most popular websites in Slovakia.